UCL Research Domains



Talks Included:

Introductions by Frances Brodsky, UCL Division of Biosciences Director, and David Price, UCL Vice Provost (Research)

Steve Simpson, Academic Director, Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney - Putting the Balance Back in Diet: The Nutritional Geometry of Metabolic Disease

Present: where are we now?
Michael Duchen, UCL - Mitochondrial biology in health and disease
Nishi Chaturvedi, UCL - Ethnic differences in insulin resistance
Paul Chadwick, UCL - The role of behaviour change in metabolic health
Joanne Santini, UCL - Arsenic metabolism: from microbes to humans
Mariia Yuneva, Francis Crick Institute - Metabolic lessons learnt from in vivo cancer models

Mark Miodownik, Director, Institute of Making, UCL - The Taste of Spoons and Other Inedible Objects

Past: how did we get here?
Markus Rasler, Francis Crick Institute - Metabolism and the origins of life
Rebecca Hardy, UCL - Tracking the development of overweight and obesity across generations
Sue Hamilton, UCL - Culture and metabolism: lessons from the past for the present
Mark Thomas, UCL - Diet, evolution, and adaptation
Filipe Cabreiro, UCL - Drugs, bugs, and us: a multi-layered metabolic connection

Future: where do we go next?
Jonathan Wells, UCL - The fundamental relationships between nutrition, power and health
Richard Pearson, UCL - Biodiversity, ecosystem services and sustainable food systems
Linda Partridge, UCL - Ageing and nutrition
Alex Gould, Francis Crick Institute - Coping with a stressful start in life
Robert Biel, UCL - Sustainable food systems

Hannah Landecker, Director, Institute for Society and Genetics, UCLA - From Food as Fuel to Nutrition as Information: Metabolism and Society, 1839 to Now

Graphics Presentation - Chris Shipton, Live Illustration