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Type 2 diabetes linked to higher rate of Parkinson’s

People with type 2 diabetes are 32% more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease than those without diabetes, finds a new study by UCL, University of Oxford and Queen Mary University of London researchers. More...

Published: Jun 14, 2018 11:04:46 AM

Blood pressure reading

Moderately high blood pressure at 50 linked to higher dementia risk

People aged 50 whose blood pressure is higher than normal, but is still below the threshold commonly used when treating the condition, are at increased risk of developing dementia, a new study co-led by UCL has found. More...

Published: Jun 13, 2018 12:49:48 PM


Professor Mazzucato’s “missions” at the core of new €100bn EU proposal

European Commissioner Carlos Moedas has announced an ambitious €100bn research and innovation programme for the next EU budgets — with the work of UCL Professor Mariana Mazzucato and her "mission-oriented" framework a core part of the programme. More...

Published: Jun 8, 2018 3:24:55 PM

human history

Scientists propose changing the rules of history to avoid environmental collapse

For the first time in our planet’s 4.5 billion-year history a single species, humans, is increasingly dictating its future, according to a new book by UCL scientists.  More...

Published: Jun 7, 2018 11:22:33 AM


Immigrant and disadvantaged children benefit most from early childcare

Attending universal childcare from age three significantly improves the school readiness of children from immigrant and disadvantaged family backgrounds, a new UCL study has found.  More...

Published: Jun 5, 2018 12:35:22 PM

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