UCL Research Domains


Our themes

These are the research Themes that sit within the UCL Environment Domain


Research in this theme addresses the intersections of energy with society, including issues of health, the built environment and engineering, transport, economics, policy and law, behaviour and demand reduction, systems modelling and smart energy systems.


The climate emergency can’t be addressed with a single idea. The UCL Climate Hub brings together minds and research expertise across disciplines and communities to face the world’s greatest challenge and create a better, fairer future. 


Research in this theme contributes to making transport systems safe, sustainable, efficient, secure, healthy, equitable and accessible.

Sustainable Cities

The UCL Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities adopts a holistic approach to issues including housing, sanitation, transport, food security, energy, supply chains and quality of life.


Research in this theme addresses a wide range of significant issues, including identity, social cohesion and cultural diversity, and integration and exclusion.


Water management is a topic that requires a cross disciplinary approach. The UCL Water group aims to bring together researchers, academics, professionals and interested individuals in areas related to the management of water.