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UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017: UK Government responds on urgent actions

By Professor Dan Osborn

The Evidence Report for the 2017 Climate Change Risk Assessment was published in mid-2016. UCL were major contributors to this report, especially Chapter 5 (People and the Built Environment) led by Sari Kovats (LSHTM) and Dan Osborn (UCL, Earth Sciences). The Report identified a number of areas where urgent action was needed in the next five years if the challenges and opportunities presented by our changing climate were to be tackled successfully.

A synthesis of the Evidence Report is available online, as are all Chapters.

This Synthesis report contains a summary of the main risks to the UK that arise through multiple routes. Summaries for each of the countries of the UK are also available via the above page as is access to commissioned research reports in specialist areas.

Additional material is available on the Committee on Climate Change's website.

The Government has now responded to the Evidence Report by publishing the Climate Change Risk Assessment 2017 and has largely accepted the analysis in the Evidence Report as well as setting out the steps already being taken. You can read this document online.

The next step is the National Adaptation Plan due in 2018 which will set out plans up to and beyond 2020.