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Studentship interruptions

Find information and guidance on managing student interruptions.

Although it is normally expected that a research studentship will be completed without interruption funders recognise that these can occur, but that does not mean that all funders will pay for the interruptions.   

You should check with the funder terms and conditions (grant) or the contractual terms. If it is not covered within these documents then you will need to have the funder declare in writing that they will meet the cost. Otherwise it falls upon the department/faculty to fund from their own sources.

UCL policy and funders terms and conditions requires that departments/ centre make every effort to recover the value of maternity, paternity, shared parental or adoption funding from students who decide not to return to study after maternity, paternity, shared parental, or adoption leave and return it to the funders UCL financial account code. Otherwise it falls upon the department/centre to make the refund from their own sources.


  • Externally funded students are entitled to 52 weeks of maternity/adoptive or shared parental leave. The first 26 weeks is paid at their full stipend rate. The following 13 weeks should be paid according to statutory maternity pay (currently £148.68 per week, (pro-rata for part-time students), with the final 13 weeks unpaid. Students are allowed 10 days paid paternity leave.
  • Award payments can continue during absences covered by medical certificates for up to13 weeks, within any 12-month period. RCs do not need to be sent medical certificates, but ROs may wish to retain copies for audit purposes. Beyond 13 weeks, studentships should be put into abeyance. Medical absences beyond the 13 weeks are not funded by the RCs.
  • Internships are only paid from the award when agreed with the funder.

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