Research and Innovation Portal


Managing changes

Information on how to deal with changes during the research project lifecycle

Project amendments

Award Services provide information on amendments to research projects including supplement funding, no-cost extensions, and budget virement 

Getting additional finance

If you require additional funding for your project you can submit a request to your funder. Such requests should be costed and approved within Worktribe to demonstrate how the additional funds will be spent.

Find out more about budget supplements, including how to create a budget supplement in Worktribe, on the Award Services website.

Changes in recruitment

Find more information on recruitment processes on our Managing staff page.

Contract changes

For issues with any research contract, contact the Contract Services team in the first instance.

For issues with any contract breaches or data protection issues, if advised to do so by the Contract Services team, contact UCL Legal Services.

Modifying ethical approvals

For further information on Ethical approvals and to access support, visit our Ethics page. 

Modifying research data protection registration

If you have started your study and it needs to be changed you can request an amendment.

Providing the research objectives, and procedures, have not undergone any substantive changes or amendments to the terms of the application, or to the protocol or any other supporting documentation, the registration number previously issued by the Data Protection Office will continue to cover the activities of the study.

However, more substantive amendments would likely require a new registration application.

Changing requirements for space needs

To request additional space, please raise a New Project Request with UCL Estates or get in touch with your Faculty contact.