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Informing EU policymaking as a researcher

Access resources, support and advice to support your engagement with the European Union

UCL research and expertise informs EU policy in areas from the regulation of artificial intelligence to public health, from innovation policy to the rule of law.  

If you want to impact on policy in the broadest way possible, influencing EU policy offers an opportunity to shape priorities and legislation across 27 Member States.  

The UK’s decision to leave the EU has made the routes to policy impact more complex but the strength of the UK’s leading universities continues to be recognised across the continent. 


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Guidance notes

A recently published European Institute guidance note provides an introduction to EU policymaking and the formal structures for science advice within the EU. It also includes information, advice and guidance on the different forms of engagement (from expert advisory groups to consultancy opportunities); resources for staying up to date on opportunities at EU level; and case studies of impactful European policy engagement at UCL. 

Engaging with EU policymaking as a researcher post-Brexit

Hear from the experts

Learn more about the structures and processes for science advice in the European Union and the experience of informing policy at EU level from Brussels insiders and UCL academics.

Ian Catlow, London’s European Office 

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Dr Toby Wardman, Science Advice for Policy by European Academies (SAPEA) 

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Professor Slavo Radošević, UCL SSEES 

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Dr Michael Veale, UCL Faculty of Laws 

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You can access Ian Catlow and Dr Toby Wardman’s slides from a recent capacity-building workshop on this topic (November 2022) here: 

Case studies

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