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The UCL Summer School is a truly international experience. In 2022, students representing 55 nationalities, from over 250 universities around the world, joined our programme for three or six weeks.

We were delighted when we found out that 97% of surveyed students said they would recommend our programme to a friend!

From everywhere to the UCL Summer School, in the heart of London

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What students have experienced

student skylar_morley
"This has been a personally challenging experience but travelling is one of the best ways to learn about yourself. This experience has taught me a great deal."

Skylar Morley, USA    
London Style: Counter Culture, Visual Culture


johaness coomans image
"Through interacting with leading experts in these fields, I am now able to think critically about what the future of medicine could become, and am inspired to pursue further studies in these subject areas."

Johannes Coomsingh, Trinidad & Tobago   
Nanotechnology in Medicine / Nerve Injury Treatment    


florence townshend image
"The balance between academic learning, social engagement and cultural insights has allowed us to experience London in-depth, enriching our knowledge and also allowing us to witness the authenticity of life as a Londoner."

Florence Townshend, Australia
Global London


charlotte owens image
"I loved the insightful academic environment and the exposure to international perspectives that I otherwise feel isolated from in my own country."

Charlotte Owens, Australia
International Politics of Human Rights


Oscar Ramos image
"Everyone gets to learn from each other – not only from our module tutors but from the others in our group. I’ve met people from India, Singapore, Australia, the US and also from Mexico. We all talk, discuss and can exchange ideas and I think this is really important. It’s been quite magical actually – we’ve only been here two weeks but have gotten to know each other really well."

Oscar Ramos, Mexico  
Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice  


adrinne de guzman image
"The summer programme was an amazing experience. I made the right choice coming to UCL."

Adrinne De Guzman, Philippines
Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice

jananee sundarakumar image
"The UCL Summer School is overall life changing."

Jananee Sundarakumar, Australia     
Business Psychology    


zaid_hussain image
"The UCL Summer School was a new horizon for me and allowed me to learn new skills by spending time with people from all over the world."

Zaid Hussain, India    
Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice 


Yufei Yang image
"The UCL Summer School was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life so far."

Yufei Yang, China
International Relations


ivan han image
"What I found most rewarding was the authentic learning experience, I felt just like a regular degree student at UCL."

Ivan Han, Singapore    
What is Education?  


camila cucinotta image
"The UCL Summer School was definitely an enriching experience and went far beyond my expectations. Teaching sessions were great, very well prepared and explained. The teachers were also very helpful and available to answer any questions, curiosity or doubt."

Camila Cucinotta, Italy
Nerve Injury Treatment

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