UCL Summer School


Your study

Experience world-class teaching from leading experts with an unrivalled choice of academic modules.

Programme structure

The UCL Summer School is divided into two sessions, each spanning three weeks. You can choose to attend Session One, Session Two or both. All students study one module per session.

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Choosing your module(s)

The majority of our modules are at level 1, which is the equivalent to first year undergraduate. Most of these modules require no prior subject knowledge, although some do prefer a background in certain areas. In addition to these, some of our modules are at level 2 or level 3 meaning prior subject knowledge is required.


Teaching and quality assurance

Module leads are highly qualified experts in their fields. All modules are research-led and designed to offer current perspectives and debates in their areas.

Classes are dynamic and interactive and there is a strong focus on 'active learning' meaning students are expected to participate individually and collaborate as a group. Where possible, alongside classes, there will be projects and visits to sites of interest in London.

UCL Summer School modules are developed following the same processes as all credit-bearing modules. Teaching, learning and assessing also adhere to the same standards: all assessments are first and second marked and marks are formally ratified by a Board of Examiners.