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How to find a better balance this Work Life Week

7 October 2019

National Work Life Week takes place on 7-11 October. To mark this week we're encouraging staff across the Faculty to think about their work life balance and the steps they can take to improve it.

Work Life Balance

We’re all guilty of having rushed lunches and eating at our desks whilst checking emails. But having a proper break in the day, away from work, can recharge you and make your afternoon more efficient and more enjoyable.

There is very strong evidence that long work hours reduce decision quality and work performance, as well as squeezing the time available for a healthy lifestyle and time with family and friends. We know everyone is busy so we've put together some tips to help you to achieve a better work life balance.

Work smart, not long

UCL acknowledges that its staff are most productive when they have achieved a work life balance that enables them to meet their responsibilities outside work. Working smart, not long promotes the idea of a streamlined working week, without the need for presenteeism. 

Conquer your emails

Email is necessary, but can be a drain on productivity and become stressful. We've put together this handy guide to help you make efficient and effective use of email. 


Is your never-ending to-do list preventing you from leaving your desk at lunch time? In the spirit of Work Life Week, we think it’s time to claim back the lunch break. Here are some interesting lunch time events taking place across campus to relax the mind and get you out of the office.  

•    Check out UCL's Museums and Collections
•    Join the UCL Choir
•    Go to a UCL Minds Lunch Hour Lecture

Share your 'lunch break away from your desk' with us on Twitter @UCLPopHealthSci using the hashtags #WorkLifeWeek #ReclaimYourLunchBreak.


When we're busy, one of our most crucial needs – exercise – is often the first thing to go when our calendars fill up. Here are a few essential yoga moves you can do at your desk to relieve aches and pains and instil a feeling of calm. 

Boost your mood

A positive attitude is not only essential to your own happiness, it could also do wonders for your overall job satisfaction and work life balance. According to a study by our own Dr Daisy Fancourt, getting creative – through art or music – can help avoid stress, free up mind space and improve self-development.