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#MadeAtUCL Disruptive Discoveries: Repurposing

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Episode 3 - #MadeAtUCL

Disruptive Discoveries: Repurposing

This episode is about giving things a new life. How do we take something that has served one purpose and give it another?

Discover the diabetes drug being used to treat Parkinson’s disease; find out how one artist is using old industrial sites to produce unconventional new paint colours; and learn how used coffee grounds can be turned into sustainable fuel for the future.

Join our host, Suzie McCarthy, as she explores these topics with three UCL researchers: Tom Foltynie, Professor of Clinical and Movement Neurosciences; Onya McCausland, Senior Research Fellow at the UCL Slade School of Fine Art; and Paul Hellier, Lecturer in Engines and Fuels in the Engineering Department.

'#MadeAtUCL Disruptive Discoveries' talks to UCL researchers answering life's big questions; from green infrastructure to artificial intelligence, space exploration to treating cancer. Find out more about UCL's top Disruptive Discoveries: bit.ly/MadeAtUCL


Access the transcript here: bit.ly/30cu6VS

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