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Science & Technology

Orrery Scientific Clock Mechanism



From breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and medicine, to space science and physics, hear from UCL’s scientific experts.




Is life really that complex? | Hannah Fry | TEDxUCL

Hannah Fry gives a TEDxUCL Talk on how mathematics can help predict the movement of crowds and even riots

Tomorrow's Technology

Dr Helen Czerski speaks to a series of UCL scientists creating tomorrow's technologies today


Generation One Podcast - Black with Hint Grey Border

Generation One: The Climate Podcast

Turning Science Research into Climate Action

Climate Emergency - Dr Helen Czerski outside the UCL Main Building Front Quad

The Climate Emergency: UCL is taking action

Science & Technology for a Climate Emergency

Coronavirus: The Whole Story - Main

Coronavirus: The Whole Story

UCL Minds Podcast Series

Covid-19 Coronavirus

COVID-19: Research at UCL

Scientific Research Series

Sir David Attenborough
UCL Observatory and Perren Telescope Teaser

90 years of the UCL Observatory

Physics & Astronomy

MadeAtUCL Podcasts - Teaser


UCL Minds Podcast Series

UCL team developed life-saving device for COVID-19 patients
Tech Entrepreneurship
Lunch Hour Lecture: Think Universe - Lego bricks
Savitri Hensman teaser

Savitri Hensman | The Queer Tapestry

LGBTQ+ Stories with Chemical Engineering

Serendipity - Two academics in UCL Front Quad

What is serendipity? (UCL)

Human-Computer Interaction

Lunch Hour Lectures - Sing with Australians
Captain Jerry Roberts - Codebreaker at Bletchley Park

My Top-Secret Codebreaking During World War II: The Last British Survivor of Bletchley Park’s Testery

Captain Jerry Roberts, UCL German alumnus and secret Second-World-War codebreaker at Bletchley Park.

Angels & Demons Lecture Night holding image

Angels & Demons - The Real Physics

The real science behind Dan Brown's best selling novel and Hollywood blockbuster movie 'Angels & Demons'.

UCL Lunch Hour Lectures - Spring 2008 16:9 Thumbnail

Lovers in Lab Coats: When Scientists Collaborate as Husband and Wife

Vintage Lunch Hour Lecture Series - Spring 2008

Vintage Lunch Hour Lectures on Tour at the British Museum - Red London Bus

Science meets art: investigating pigments in art and archaeology

Lunch Hour Lectures on Tour 2011 at The British Museum

Lunch Hour Lecture Series - Spring 2011 - Rectangular Artwork

Will robots take over the world?

With advancements in robotics and AI, will robots take over the world? - Vintage Lunch Hour Lectures from Spring 2011


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