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The Climate Emergency: UCL is taking action

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The Climate Emergency: UCL is taking action

At UCL we know that we can’t address the climate emergency with a single idea. That is why we are bringing together minds, perspectives and expertise across disciplines and communities to foster the innovation needed to face the world’s greatest challenge. Will you join us in creating a fair, climate-resilient future?

Climate change, along with biodiversity loss, confronts humanity with an enormous threat. But history and the current COVID-19 crisis, have taught us that extraordinary changes are possible...

Now more than ever, the world looks to powerful research communities like UCL to lead the push for change, mobilising large, diverse groups of committed people, backed by excellent scholarship, to effect concrete impact in the world. 
As a community of staff, students, citizens and partners, UCL is addressing the climate challenge on multiple fronts; ranging from what we can achieve today, to pioneering future system change, and putting sustainability at the heart of our campus. 

We can all play our part. Get inspired by the extraordinary breadth of climate-focused activity taking place at UCL and find out how you can get involved. #ClimateUCL

UCL Climate Hub: a community for change

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