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Our brand new podcast, #MadeAtUCL, explores the disruptive discoveries emerging from UCL!

Our host, and recent UCL graduate, Suzie McCarthy, talks to UCL researchers answering life's big questions; from green infrastructure to artificial intelligence, space exploration to treating cancer.

Explore all the disruptive discoveries from UCL: www.ucl.ac.uk/made-at-ucl/podcasts

Organiser: UCL Minds Podcasts


Podcast Episodes

MadeAtUCL Podcasts - Teaser

1. #MadeAtUCL Disruptive Discoveries: A Second Look

In our first episode of '#MadeAtUCL Disruptive Discoveries', our host Suzie goes beyond the surface to discover stories about the face of Britain’s oldest near-complete skeleton, the characters of the London Underground, and the potential pitfalls of forensic evidence.

MadeAtUCL Podcasts - Teaser

2. #MadeAtUCL Disruptive Discoveries: Transfer

On episode two we talk about things that transfer from one place to another. Discover how traces of DNA can transfer onto things you’ve never touched, leading to wrongful convictions. Hear about future technology that will send information on light waves rather than radio waves, and learn how antiretroviral drugs prevent the transmission of HIV between partners.

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3. #MadeAtUCL Disruptive Discoveries: Repurposing

Discover the diabetes drug being used to treat Parkinson’s disease; find out how one artist is using old industrial sites to produce unconventional new paint colours; and learn how used coffee grounds can be turned into sustainable fuel for the future.

MadeAtUCL Podcasts - Teaser

4. #MadeAtUCL Disruptive Discoveries: Maps

This episode is all about maps! We're bringing you the glamour of prostate imaging, decoding a document of hidden histories from Northern Ireland and learning how maps can protect forests around the world.

MadeAtUCL Podcasts - Teaser

5. #MadeAtUCL Disruptive Discoveries: What came before

This episode was created during lockdown and a timely reflection on what came before us. Hear about historical figures from World War 1 to extinct species because of climate change and unearthed ancient fossils as Suzie takes you back in time with our UCL experts.


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