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#MadeAtUCL Disruptive Discoveries: Maps

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Episode 4 - #MadeAtUCL

Disruptive Discoveries: Maps

This episode is all about maps! We're bringing you the glamour of prostate imaging, decoding a document of hidden histories from Northern Ireland and learning how maps can protect forests around the world.

Join our host, Suzie McCarthy, as she explores these topics with three UCL researchers: Mark Emberton, Dean of Faculty of Medical Sciences and Professor of Interventional Oncology; Tim Weyrich, Professor of Visual Computing in the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics group in the Department of Computer Science; and Jerome Lewis, Lecturer in the Department of Anthropology.

'#MadeAtUCL Disruptive Discoveries' talks to UCL researchers answering life's big questions; from green infrastructure to artificial intelligence, space exploration to treating cancer. Find out more about UCL's top Disruptive Discoveries: bit.ly/MadeAtUCL


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