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#MadeAtUCL Disruptive Discoveries: A Second Look

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Episode 1 - #MadeAtUCL

Disruptive Discoveries: A Second Look

There's often more than meets the eye and it's worth taking a second look. In our first episode of '#MadeAtUCL Disruptive Discoveries', our host Suzie goes beyond the surface to discover stories about the face of Britain’s oldest near-complete skeleton, the characters of the London Underground, and the potential pitfalls of forensic evidence.

'#MadeAtUCL Disruptive Discoveries' talks to UCL researchers answering life's big questions; from green infrastructure to artificial intelligence, space exploration to treating cancer.

Find out more about UCL's top Disruptive Discoveries: bit.ly/MadeAtUCL

Access the transcript here: bit.ly/madeatuclep1transcript

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