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Lunch Hour Lecture: Think Universe! Science and the accidental story of Humanity in Paradise

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UCL Minds Lunch Hour Lectures

Think Universe! Science and the accidental story of Humanity in Paradise

Date: Tuesday 14 January 2020
Speaker: Francisco Diego - Senior Teaching Fellow at UCL

About the lecture:
We explore the amazing scientific discoveries on the nature and development of the Universe. A fascinating process with a very humble and simple origin, where a handful of fundamental building blocks get together following simple rules, but always driven by chaotic initial conditions and sometimes catastrophic events along inconceivable long periods of time. We learn how all life is formed by the same basic chemical structures and how the entire humankind had a common origin; that we all are part of a single human family,  living in a fragile paradise. At this point, we confront the tragic contradictions created by our powerful society and feel the need of invoking and learning from ancestral wisdom and prophecies, if humanity is going to survive in the long term.

UCL's popular public Lunch Hour Lecture series has been running at UCL since 1942, and showcases the exceptional research work being undertaken across UCL. 

Free to attend, live stream or watch online
More info : http://events.ucl.ac.uk/lhl 
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