The Centre for Planetary Sciences at UCL / Birkbeck


CPS Early-Career Presentation Prizes 2022

5 July 2022

Announcing the winners of our Early-Career Presentation Prizes from our Summer Meeting on 16 June.

CPS colleagues standing in front of the UCL portico at the 2022 Summer Meeting

On Thursday 16th June we held the 12th Annual CPS Summer Science Meeting, where it was wonderful to see so many participants in person at UCL and also online. We would like to thank everyone for attending, particularly those who gave presentations and helped make the meeting a success.

It is our great pleasure to announce the Early-Career Presentation Prize winners from the meeting, where there was a fantastic variety of planetary science research - and an outreach initiative! - presented to a high standard.

In joint first prize for their excellent talks, the award goes to:

  • Catherine Regan (MSSL PhD): Eyes on Mars – increasing awareness of UK based space exploration
  • Sushuang Ma (P&A Phd): Exoplanetary cloud simulation in the retrieval models

Prizes for an honourable mention for their talks are awarded to:

  • Ry Affleck (MSSL MSc): Mission concepts for Enceladus Exploration: Gaia and Aetna
  • Qasim Afghan (MSSL PhD): Structural analysis of the dust tail of Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3)
  • Dr Edward Bryant (MSSL PDRA):  The Occurrence Rate of Giant Planets Orbiting Low-Mass Stars
  • Graham Driver (BBK PhD): Morphological Diversity of Glacier-Like Forms on Mars
  • James McKevitt (MSSL MSc): Future in-situ exploration Titan’s diverse environment after Dragonfly
  • Dr Dimitrios Millas (P&A PDRA): Particle motion and pitch angle scattering due to magnetic field curvature in the Jovian magnetosphere
  • Cristian Radulescu (MSSL PhD): An exploration of the Saturn magnetosphere using pitch angle distributions

In joint first prize for their excellent posters and flash talks, the award goes to:

  • Princess Aira Buma-at (Earth Sciences, 3rd yr U/G Geology): Proterozoic diagenetic spheroids and connections to chemically oscillating reactions
  • Hannah Osborne (MSSL PhD): TOI-544b: a new small planet inside the radius valley

Prizes for an honourable mention for their posters are awarded to:

  • Farideh Raiss-Tousi (P&A MSc): Comparison of biosignatures in dolomitic stromatolites from the Archean rocks of Isua (Greenland) and the Paleoproterozoic of Nastapoka (Canada)
  • Catherine Regan (MSSL PhD): Investigating the 2007 Global Dust Storm at Mars with Mars Express
  • Ana Clara Silva (Earth Sciences MSci): Organic matter and ferric-ferrous minerals in Frutexites dubiofossils might support the search for life on Mars

The winners will each receive a National Book token (GBP 50 each for first prize and GBP 25 each for honourable mentions). Congratulations to all those involved!