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ESA selects instruments to be flown on its icy moons mission

28 March 2013

The JUpiter ICy moons Explorer mission (JUICE) will study Jupiter and its large, ice/ocean-bearing moons.

Juice, the JUpiter ICy moons Explorer mission, in the Jovian system.

JUICE is planned to launch in 2022 and arrive in 2030. Dr Nick Achilleos (CPS / UCL Astrophysics) is part of the J-MAG Consortium, an international team of investigators who have successfully proposed one of the 11 scientific experiments to be flown on board this mission.

Their magnetometer instrument, J-MAG (Jupiter system Magnetometer, PI: Prof. Michele Dougherty, Imperial College) will play a vital role in characterising the magnetic interactions between the Jovian magnetosphere and the icy moons which orbit within that region. One of these icy moons, Europa, is of particular interest as it may harbour a subsurface water ocean.

Further information can be found on the ESA activities page.