The Centre for Planetary Sciences at UCL / Birkbeck


Tenth Summer Meeting of the Centre for Planetary Sciences at UCL/Birkbeck

This year's Summer Meeting will be held on Thursday 11 June 2020 as a virtual event.

The Centre for Planetary Sciences at UCL/Birkbeck is delighted to host our Tenth Summer Meeting on Thursday 11 June 2020, which this year will be a virtual event using Microsoft Teams. 

In these challenging times of remote working and social distancing, it is important to stay connected and we hope that we can bring a useful, constructive and lively Summer Meeting, strengthening our sense of community by sharing our research, and initiating further discussion and collaboration.

We hope this new format can also be seen as a fresh opportunity to share our research with a wider audience, so please contact the meeting organiser (joanna.fabbri at ucl.ac.uk) for the meeting link if you are interested in attending to help us keep track of numbers.

Please find the schedules for the morning and afternoon talk and poster sessions below. You may view some of the posters here, where authors have granted permission.

The programme and abstracts can also be found in the following document, together with Microsoft Teams access instructions and guidance for use on the day:


Morning Session: Talks (10:00 - 11:45)
10:00Dr Dominic PapineauWelcome

Divya Persaud

Mullard Space Science Laboratory

Access-centered virtual conferencing for planetary science and beyond: reflections from Space Science in Context 2020

Richard Haythornthwaite

Mullard Space Science Laboratory

Investigating heavy (above 200 u/q) positive ion composition in Titan's ionosphere from Cassini Plasma Spectrometer IBS observations

Prof Adrian Jones

UCL Earth Sciences

Extraordinary multiple-shock history of the Chelyabinsk fireball chondritic meteorite as recorded in impact melts, pseudotachylites and ?ringwoodite. Was it a comet?

Affelia Wibisono

Mullard Space Science Laboratory

Temporal and spectral analyses of Jupiter’s X-ray aurorae

Flavien Hardy

UCL Physics and Astronomy

Seasonal variations and compressibility of the magnetopause at Saturn

Prof Geraint Jones

Mullard Space Science Laboratory

Crossing tails: Solar wind measurements downstream of active comets
Morning Session: Posters 1 (11:45 - 12:10)

Giulia Magnarini

UCL Earth Sciences

Longitudinal ridges in two lunar long runout landslides, the Apollo 17 light mantle avalanche and the Tsiolkovskiy Crater landslide: Linking morphological features to landslide dynamics

Zach Dickeson

NHM / Birkbeck EPS / OU / Imperial

Topographic and morphological study of potential palaeolakes in the Oxia Planum drainage catchment

Qasim Afghan

Mullard Space Science Laboratory

Comet dust tail analysis using the Finson-Probstein model
Afternoon Session: Talks (14:00 - 15:30)

Dr Dominic Papineau

UCL Earth Sciences

Macroscopic fossils of microbial communities in Eoarchean-Hadean jasper from the Nuvvuagittuq Supracrustal Belt

Sam Halim

Birkbeck Earth & Planetary Sciences

Biomarker survival in terrestrial material impacting the lunar surface

Prof Andrew Coates

Mullard Space Science Laboratory

PanCam: the ‘science eyes’ of the Rosalind Franklin (ExoMars 2022) rover

Prof Jonathan Tennyson

UCL Physics and Astronomy

ExoMolHD: Precision spectroscopic data for studies of exoplanets and other hot atmospheres

Prof Graziella Brandaurdi-Raymont

Mullard Space Science Laboratory

Soft X-ray imaging of geospace with SMILE

Gordon Yip

UCL Physics and Astronomy

Peeking inside the black box: Interpreting deep learning models for exoplanet atmospheric retrievals
Afternoon Session: Posters 2 (15:30 - 16:00)

Prof Hilary Downes

Birkbeck Earth & Planetary Sciences

Petrology and oxygen isotopes in new Enstatite Chondrite fragments from the Almahata Sitta Fall: Implications for the Nature of "Theia"?

Krishan Bhanot

Birkbeck Earth & Planetary Sciences

Different types of spinel symplectites in lunar dunite 72415 and 72417

Sam Wright

UCL Physics and Astronomy

Exploring non-LTE effects in Exoplanet atmospheres

Eleni Bohacek

Mullard Space Science Laboratory

Enhancing the 3-D capability of science and engineering cameras on the ExoMars rover

Mukesh Bhatt

Birkbeck, School of Law

Artemis and Actaeon: transforming a Moon treaty into international accords