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UQS About Us

Our vision for the Centre of Ultrafast Quantum Science is to foster and cultivate diverse and inter-disciplinary activities of ultrafast quantum phenomena instigated by laser pulses.

This Centre will allow researchers and students to understand the theoretical, computational and experimental techniques used in different areas of ultrafast phenomena and identify their potential application and impact to other areas of research. The Departments involved in our Centre is mainly Physics & Astronomy with academics from Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Biological Physics, Astrophysics and Condensed Matter Physics, as well as academics from Chemistry and Electrical Engineering at UCL. 

UQS quantum science

The vision of our Centre is to bridge over different areas of research at UCL on ultrafast phenomena instigated by laser pulses and create a coherent and inter-disciplinary front on ultrafast photo-initiated quantum science at UCL. Currently, there is world class research taking place in many groups at different departments at UCL on fundamental theoretical or experimental aspects of ultrafast phenomena in small systems (mainly Physics & Astronomy), in larger systems such as radicals, ring polymers, liquids, solids (mainly Chemistry) and on implementing fundamental understanding of optical phenomena to ultrafast optical processing devices (mainly Electrical Engineering). 

Our vision also involves offering a well-rounded inter-disciplinary education on ultrafast phenomena to students aiming to pursue a Ph.D in ultrafast science and fostering a vibrant and diverse environment for UCL early career researchers to facilitate and motivate their activities in ultrafast science.