UCL Department of Physics and Astronomy



Academic and Teaching Fellow vacancies

Lecturer in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics - closing date 26 February 2021

Professional services and Technical vacancies
There are currently no vacancies.
Postdoctoral vacancies

Research Fellow in Observational Cosmology - closing date 31 January 2021

Research Fellow in Absolute Neutrino Mass Measurements - closing date 15 February 2021

Research Fellow in Strong-Field and Attosecond Physics - closing date 21 February 2021

Research Fellow in Field Theory Modelling for Laboratory Analogues of the Early Universe - closing date 28 February 2021

Research Fellow in Theoretical Molecular Physics - closing date 15 March 2021


PhD Studentship - Polariton and circuit QED lattices: solid-state platforms for quantum simulations of correlated and topological states   

   - closing date 1 January 2021 

PhD Studentship in Condensed Matter Theory - closing date 30 January 2021

PhD Studentship: Theoretical quantum sensing: cavity optomechanics with levitated nanoparticles  

- closing date 20 January 2021

PhD Studentship: Theory underpinning molecular quantum technologies - closing date 1 February 2021

PhD Studentship to investigate the mechanisms of cell-surface receptor clustering in virus entry - closing date 18 February 2021

PhD AMOPP Studentship – Strong-Field and Attosecond Physics - closing date 30 April 2021

Student Vacancies

Content Developers 2020 - available to UG and PGT students 


Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Teaching Opportunities
Online postgraduate Teaching and Learning Opportunities 2020
General PGTA Teaching and Learning Opportunities 2020 



Certificate in Astronomy Teaching Opportunities

There are currently no vacancies.