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Ultrafast Quantum Science

Our vision for the Centre of Ultrafast Quantum Science is to foster and cultivate diverse and inter-disciplinary activities of ultrafast quantum phenomena instigated by laser pulses.
About UQS

About UQS

This Centre will allow researchers and students to understand the theoretical, computational and experimental techniques used in different areas of ultrafast phenomena and identify their potential application and impact to other areas of research. 

research projects

Research Projects

Academics in the Centre supervise projects in their areas of expertise. Projects involve world class research taking place at different departments at UCL on fundamental theoretical and experimental aspects of ultrafast phenomena.

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Our academics and members of staff at Ultrafast Quantum Science.

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UQS aims to provide a well-rounded inter-disciplinary education that will result in excellently trained and educated Ph.D students who will become leaders in Ultrafast Quantum Science. 

Wellbeing & EDI

In the Centre for Ultrafast Quantum Science we aim to create an inclusive and supportive atmosphere for students and academics alike. 

Our goal is to foster a positive and welcoming atmosphere for all staff and students regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, ethnic background and mental or physical challenges one may encounter. The large number of female academics in our centre is evidence of our commitment to diversity and excellence.

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