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Research Fellowships

Fellowship Applications (Summer/Autumn 2024) - EOI Deadline 31 May 2024

The following fellowship schemes will be inviting applications later this year:

  • STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship
  • Royal Society University Research Fellowship /  Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship
  • EC Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Royal Astronomical Society Norman Lockyer Fellowship

All candidates interested in applying to fellowship schemes in Summer/Autumn 2024, hosted by UCL P&A, should register interest with the relevant Head of Group no later than 5pm on Friday 31 May 2024. Please see instructions below on 'How to Register Interest' to see what should be submitted. You will be informed as soon as possible if we are able to support your application.

EPSRC fellowships do not have a set deadline, and we invite EOIs for those throughout the year. EOIs for EPSRC Postdoctoral and Open fellowship schemes should be submitted at least 3 months in advance of the planned application.

RAEng Research Fellowships - UCL central deadline 6 June 2024

There will be a central UCL prioritisation process for this scheme, full details here. All interested candidate must submit the following no later than midday on 6 June 2024

  • Applicants must download and complete the application template and send their completed application template to ovpr.beams@ucl.ac.uk with the subject RAEng Research Fellowship Application. Please name your application template “Applicant name-RAEngRFs2024.pdf”
  • Additional information about the applicant must be submitted via the online Microsoft form.

We are keen to support a limited number of strong candidates in applying for Research Fellowships. If your profile and interests match our activities, we would be very interested to hear from you.

How to Register Interest

Candidates who are interested in applying for a Research Fellowship hosted within UCL P&A should first of all check the Fellowship Timetable to find out the specific deadlines for the scheme you are interested in.

**Fellowship Timetable and Guidelines**

The first step of applying for a fellowship hosted within UCL P&A  is to register interest with the relevant Head of Research Group by the 'Register Interest' deadline stated in the Fellowship Timetable. All EOI submissions will be subject to a critical review, as we can only support a limited number of candidates each year.

To register interest, candidates should send the following documents to the Head of the Research Group where your interest lies (contact details can be found in the table below).

  • Research outline (up to 2 pages)
  • A statement detailing how your research fits in with the Research Group and the P&A department at UCL (up to 1 page)
  • Short CV and Publication List

Candidates will then be contacted after the deadline to confirm whether or not your application can be supported in UCL P&A.

Research GroupHead of GroupContact
Astrophysics (Astro)Prof Giovanna Tinetti
Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Positron Physics (AMOPP)Prof Stephen Hogan
Biological Physics (BioP)Prof Alexandra Olaya-Castro
Condensed Matter and Material Physics (CMMP)Prof Jochen Blumberger
High Energy Physics (HEP)Prof David Waters


Each Fellowship scheme has a different deadline and the dates often vary from year to year - please check the latest Fellowship Timetable which has up to date information on internal deadlines, and links to the funder guidance.

Pay Scales

UCL pay scales can be found here. The grants team will be able to assist with determining the correct starting point for you.

As a guide, a newly qualified PDRA applying for a fellowship would start at Grade 7, and increment one point up the scale each year. Experienced candidates applying for one of the schemes aimed at senior researchers with postdoctoral experience and leadership potential may be eligible to start at Grade 8.


  • EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowships: Aimed at researchers with at least four years of postdoctoral experience, limited to topics in energy, mathematical sciences, synthetic biology and Stephen Hawking areas of research. There are now two submission points in the year, we expect these to be March and September. 
  • Open / Open Plus Fellowships: Aimed at all career stages beyond postdoctoral level and include researchers who are close to their first academic appointment, leading in an area of technical development, or are a highly experienced researcher. Proposals can focus on any topic in the EPSRC portfolio. There are now two submission points in the year, we expect these to be March and September. 
  • EPSRC Doctoral Prize: The EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship scheme is intended to help universities recruit and retain the very best newly qualified doctoral students (eg PhD, EngD), and help them launch careers in research. All Fellowship projects must lie within the EPSRC remit. Applicants must have received prior EPSRC studentship funding. Deadlines vary throughout the year.

Royal Society

  • University Research Fellowships: The University Research Fellowship scheme aims to provide outstanding scientists, who should have the potential to become leaders in their chosen field, with the opportunity to build an independent research career. Deadline is normally annually in September.
  • Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships: The Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship scheme supports excellent scientists and engineers at an early stage of their career. The Royal Society invites in particular female candidates to apply for an opportunity that is designed to help successful candidates to progress to permanent academic positions in the UK. Deadline is normally annually in late October/early November
  • Newton International Fellowships: These fellowships are for non-UK scientists who are at an early stage of their research career and wish to conduct research in the UK. Deadline is normally annually in March.
  • Faraday Discovery Fellowships: The Faraday Discovery Fellowship is aimed at outstanding mid-career STEM researchers. Deadline is normally annually in October.


  • The Ernest Rutherford Fellowship enables early career researchers with clear leadership potential to establish a strong, independent research programme. Deadline is normally annually in September.


  • Future Leaders fellowship: This fellowship is open to researchers and/or innovators with outstanding potential, who are transitioning to or establishing independence. There is an internal selection process at UCL for this fellowship, as applications are capped per institution. 

Other Fellowships

  • EC Marie Curie Postdoctoral fellowships: The Postdoctoral Fellowships action targets researchers holding a PhD who wish to carry out their research activities abroad, acquire new skills and develop their careers. PFs help researchers gain experience in other countries, disciplines and non-academic sectors. Deadline is normally annually in September.
  • Royal Commission for Exhibition of 1851 fellowships: The scheme of 1851 Research Fellowships is intended to give a few PhD level scientists or engineers of outstanding promise the opportunity for conducting research for a further period. Deadline is normally annually in January,
  • Royal Astronomical Society fellowships: The RAS Research Fellowships and Norman Lockyer Fellowships are aimed at promising young scientists, to allow them be employed as Research Fellows at UK universities. Each scheme is open every three years, and the deadline is normally in October.
  • Royal Academy of Engineering fellowships: The Research and IC Postdoctoral Fellowships are for early-career researchers with proposed research projects in one of the engineering subject areas outlined by the Academy. Institutions can make a limited number of applications so will be reviewed first by a central UCL prioritisation panel. The deadline for this process is in early June. The funder deadlines are normally in September and April respectively. 
  • HFSP Cross-Disciplinary fellowships: The Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships are for a high-risk project that will bring new approaches and techniques from a non-biological discipline to address an important problem in the life sciences.  Deadline for the stage 1 Letter of Intent is in May.

Please note that the department is not able to support applications to the Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship at this current time.