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Emeritus and Honorary Academics

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Research Groups 

Astrophysics (Astro)    
Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Positron Physics (AMOPP)   
Biological Physics (BioP)   
Condensed Matter & Materials Physics Group (CMMP)   
High Energy Physics (HEP)

A - F

Dr Afaf Al Derzi, Honorary Research Fellow (AMOPP)
Dr Athem AlsabtiHonorary Senior Research Associate (Astro)
Dr Muhammad Imran Arshad, Honorary Research Fellow (BioP)
Professor Alan Aylward, Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Physics (Astro)
Professor Steven Balbus, Honorary Professor (Astro)
Professor Michael Barlow, Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics (Astro)
Professor David Brooks, Emeritus Professor (Astro)
Dr Adam Burnley, Honorary Lecturer (Astro)
Professor Franco Cacialli, Honorary Professor (CMMP)
Dr Quentin Changeat, Honorary Research Fellow (Astro)
Dr Andrew Charalambous, Honorary Research Fellow (HEP)
Dr Malcolm Coupland, Retired Principal Teaching Fellow
Dr Ian Crawford, Honorary Associate Professor (Astro)
Professor Mike Cruise, Honorary Associate Professor (HEP)
Dr Debarshi Das, Honorary Research Fellow (AMOPP)
Dr Jim Dobson, Honorary Lecturer (HEP)
Professor Janet Drew, Honorary Professor (Astro)
Professor Dorothy Duffy, Emeritus Professor of Physics (CMMP) 
Dr Michael Dworetsky, Honorary Associate Professor (Astro)
Dr Billy Edwards, Honorary Research Fellow (Astro)
Professor George Efstathiou, Honorary Professor (Astro)
Dr Mark Ellerby, Honorary Lecturer (CMMP)
Dr Mike Esten, Emeritus Reader in Physics (HEP)
Dr Ignacio Ferreras, Honorary Professor (Astro)
Professor John Finney, Emeritus Professor of Physics
Dr Adrian Fish, Honorary Research Fellow (Astro)
Dr Robert Flack, Honorary Senior Research Fellow (HEP)
Dr Andreu Font Ribera, Honorary Senior Research Fellow (Astro)
Dr Ian Furniss, Honorary Senior Lecturer (Astro)


G - L

Professor Michael Gillan, Emeritus Professor of Physics (CMMP)
Dr Eran Ginossar, Honorary Associate Professor (AMOPP)
Dr Yvelin GiretHonorary Senior Research Fellow (CMMP)
Professor Patrick Guio, Honorary Professor (Astro)
Professor Anthony Harker, Emeritus Professor of Physics (CMMP)
Professor Basil Hiley, Honorary Professor (HEP)
Dr Jonathan Holdship, Honorary Senior Research Fellow (Astro) 
Professor Ian Howarth, Emeritus Professor of Astronomy (Astro)
Professor John Humberston, Emeritus Professor of Physics (AMOPP)
Professor Tegid Jones, Emeritus Professor of Physics (HEP)
Professor Gaetana Laricchia, Emeritus Professor of Physics and Astronomy (AMOPP) 
Dr Ciaran Lee, Honorary Associate Professor (AMOPP)
Dr Lia Li, Honorary Research Fellow (AMOPP)
Dr Michelle Lochner, Honorary Associate Professor (Astro)
Dr Tony Lynas-Gray, Honorary Senior Research Fellow (AMOPP)

M - R

Professor Souvik Mahapatra, Honorary Professor (CMMP)
Professor Roberto Maiolino, Honorary Professor (Astro)
Dr Chayan Majumdar, Honorary Research Fellow (HEP)
Dr Luca Marmugi,  Honorary Research Fellow (AMOPP)
Professor Brian Martin, Emeritus Professor of Physics (HEP)
Professor Keith Alistair McEwen, Emeritus Professor, UCL Centre for Materials Research
Dr Ian McWhirter, Honorary Senior Research Fellow (Astro)
Professor Angelos Michaelides, Honorary Professor of Theoretical Chemistry (CMMP)
Dr Thomas MichaelsHonorary Lecturer (BioP)
Professor David Miller, Emeritus Professor of Physics (HEP)
Professor Steve Miller, Emeritus Professor of Planetary Science and Science Communication
Dr Tsuyoshi MiyazakiHonorary Senior Research Fellow (CMMP)
Dr Sebastian Mohr, Honorary Research Fellow (AMOPP)

Dr David Mora FonzHonorary Research Fellow (CMMP)
Dr Lorenzo MugnaiHonorary Research Fellow (Astro)
Professor Roy Newell, Emeritus Professor of Physics (AMOPP)
Dr Gillian Peach, Emeritus Reader in Physics (AMOPP)
Professor Krisztian Peters, Honorary Professor (HEP)
Dr Susan Pyne, Honorary Research Fellow (Astro)
Dr Peter van Reeth, Honorary Senior Research Fellow (AMOPP)
Dr Sebastien RettieHonorary Senior Research Fellow (HEP)
Dr Marco Rocchetto, Honorary Senior Research Fellow (Astro)

S - Z

Dr Andela Saric, Honorary Associate Professor (BioP)
Dr Aayush Saxena, Honorary Research Fellow (Astro)
Dr Philipp SchienbeinHonorary Research Fellow (CMMP)
Dr Paul Shah,  Honorary Research Fellow (Astro)
Dr Michael Shipman,  Honorary Research Fellow (CMMP)
Professor Peter Storey, Emeritus Professor of Physics (AMOPP) 
Dr David Tovee, Emeritus Reader (HEP)
Dr Angelos Tsiaras, Honorary Senior Research Fellow (Astro)
Dr Lorne Whiteway,  Honorary Research Fellow (Astro)
Professor Colin Wilkin, Emeritus Professor of Physics (HEP)
Professor David Williams, Emeritus Perren Professor of Astronomy (Astro)
Professor Zhonghua Yao,  Honorary Professor (Astro)