UCL Department of Physics and Astronomy


Professional Services

NameEmail ExtensionOffice
Lee Bebbingtonl.bebbington@ucl.ac.uk 33445E6Departmental Safety Officer and Estates Manager
  37983E1Postgraduate Taught Teaching Administrator
Khadija Bouzgank.bouzgan@ucl.ac.uk37778E14Senior HR Administrator
Lori Coletti Campbelll.coletti@ucl.ac.uk37155E14Departmental Manager
Katherine Colemank.coleman@ucl.ac.uk37143E15Finance and Research Group Administrator (CMMP)
Helen Copelandh.copeland@ucl.ac.uk37144E1Undergraduate Teaching Administrator 
Gordon Croneg.crone@ucl.ac.uk33447D15 Computer Programmer, HEP
Emma Dunforde.dunford@ucl.ac.uk Harwell Campus, DidcotOperations Administrator (Centre for Space Exoplanet Data)
Ryan Edmondsryan.edmonds@ucl.ac.uk37219E1Undergraduate Teaching Administrator
Dr Joanna Fabbrijoanna.fabbri@ucl.ac.uk 020 3549 5808 PearsonResearch Associate & Project Manager for Ofer Lahav and Giovanna Tinetti, and Scientific Officer for the Centre for Planetary Sciences at UCL/Birkbeck
Dr Mark Fuller mark.fuller@ucl.ac.uk

07973 723243

E15 (Monday & Tuesday)

UCLO (Wednesday- Friday)

Outreach Co-ordinator and Ogden Science Officer
Fabian Garzaf.garza@ucl.ac.uk  IT Systems Manager
Dr Jaskiran Gill-Thindj.gill-thind@ucl.ac.uk 30467E15 Research Administration Officer
Claire Haywardclaire.hayward@ucl.ac.uk33233E15Accounts Officer
Tony Hoaret.hoare@ucl.ac.uk33450D15Computing Administrator (HEP)
Fahad Ihsanf.ihsan@ucl.ac.uk 51518 D4IT Systems Manager (Teaching and Learning) 
Dr Sadiq Kadifachis.kadifachi@ucl.ac.uk33497F13Science Centre Organiser
Jim Levinjames.levin@ucl.ac.uk33943E15

AMOPP/HEP Research Groups Administrator & Goods Inward Administrator

Selina Lovellselina.lovell@ucl.ac.uk37246E1Senior Teaching Administrator
Anita Maguireanita.maguire@ucl.ac.uk59927226 PearsonProject Manager and Executive Assistant 
Rebecca Martin rebecca.martin@ucl.ac.uk(57025)
020 3108 7025
226 PearsonProject Manager and Executive Assistant
Kay Nakumk.nakum@ucl.ac.uk 020 3549 5807226 PearsonAstrophysics Administrator
Denise Ottleyd.ottley@ucl.ac.uk313085P3 LCNSecretary to LCN, LCN PA
Madina Rangrejmadina.rangrej@ucl.ac.uk65809 (0203 549 5809)226 PearsonProject Manager, Astrophysics Group
Jaini Shahjaini.a.shah@ucl.ac.uk(56847)
020 3108 6847 
231 PearsonCDT Manager, CDT in Data Intensive Science (DIS)
Julie Smithjulie.smith@ucl.ac.uk   
Karen Stoneham k.stoneham@ucl.ac.uk37306E15Thomas Young Centre (TYC) and Materials and Molecular Modelling (MMM) Hub Coordinator
Yvonne Tajoky.tajok@ucl.ac.uk 37020E14Grants Officer
Nadia Wallern.waller@ucl.ac.uk33717E1Postgraduate & Finance Administrator
Dr Mike Witcombem.witcombe@ucl.ac.uk56734E25BCDT Manager, CDT in Data Intensive Science (DIS)