UCL School of Pharmacy


EU and international students

Find out more about EU and international students at the UCL School of Pharmacy.

Overseas students currently make up 25% of our student population, representing all of the main regions of the world. The breadth of experience, insights and cultural perspectives that they bring to the School create an extraordinary learning environment.

Colleagues in the UCL International Office are responsible for promoting UCL to students outside the UK through a wide range of activities. These include visits to schools, universities, fairs and exhibitions around the world to attract students from a global pool of applicants.

Upon graduation, students join our alumni community and become part of our unique network of over 7000 registered global alumni. We will keep you up to date with the ongoing developments in your Alma Mater and encourage and support you to make the most of your connections with each other and the School.

In addition, International (and Home/EU) students can become members of International Students House (ISH) which provides a range of facilities for students.