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ULLA Consortium

The UCL School of Pharmacy is a member of the ‘European University Consortium for Pharmaceutical Sciences’, commonly known as ULLA.

The primary objective of the ULLA network is to enhance collaboration within education and research in pharmaceutical sciences between the European universities.

The ULLA institutions are complementary in their research and teaching missions and by coming together, possess a synergy that allows the consortium to have a greater impact on the European scene. Another objective is to give staff and students of the member institutions increased access to the combined resources of the institutions involved.

There are a number of collaborative links and ULLA, with the support of each member institution, is engaged in a range of joint activities:

Further information:
The acronym is based on the names of the four founding members - Uppsala, London, Leiden and Amsterdam, who started collaborations in 1992:

ULLA member institutions


Professor Michael Heinrich (main London ULLA contact) and Dr Sudax Murdan