UCL Psychology and Language Sciences


Affiliate Linguistics Undergraduate Modules 2019-20

All modules have a value of 15 credits (equivalent to 7.5 ECTS) unless stated otherwise. Please click on the 'module titles' for further information on each one.

All undergraduate Affiliate UCL students are welcome to take undergraduate linguistics modules, although priority will be given to Linguistics Affiliate students. Students wishing to take any of these modules must register for them on Portico. If a module is full when you register for it, you will be informed via email that we were unable to give you a place. It is not necessary for students to come to the department to sign up for modules. 

  • It is your responsibility to make sure that you meet module prerequisites, click on the 'module titles' below for these details.
  • Click on the 'module code' for a PDF giving further information on each module.
  • It is also your responsibility to make sure that you do not register for a module which clashes with any of your other chosen modules. Please always check module timetables:
    You can view the timetable online: www.ucl.ac.uk/timetable (and you may need to switch to the relevant academic year in the top right hand corner of the page). You can use the following link to check quickly when a module is timetabled, just replace ABCD1234 with the correct module code: https://timetable.ucl.ac.uk/tt/moduleTimet.do?firstReq=Y&moduleId=ABCD1234&acadYearFl=N.

Term 1

Introductory modules (Level 4)

PLIN0001            Introduction to Semantics & Pragmatics A

PLIN0003             Introduction to Generative Grammar A

PLIN0006             Introduction to Language (not available to non-affiliate Linguistics undergraduates)

PLIN0008             Introduction to Children’s Language Development

PLIN0061             Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology A


Intermediate modules (Level 5)

PLIN0010             Intermediate Pragmatics

PLIN0065             Intermediate Phonetics

PLIN0067             Intermediate Generative Grammar: Word Order


Advanced modules (Level 6)

PLIN0012             Pragmatics & Cognition

PLIN0013             Phonology of English

PLIN0020             Advanced Semantic Theory

PLIN0023             Current Issues in Syntax

PLIN0029             Stuttering

PLIN0041             Seminar on Expressive Prosody

PLIN0069             Advanced Phonological Theory A


Term 2

Introductory modules (Level 4)

PLIN0011             Introduction to Semantics & Pragmatics B

PLIN0062             Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology B

PLIN0064             Introduction to Generative Grammar B


Intermediate modules (Level 5)

PLIN0009             Semantic Theory

PLIN0024             Intermediate Generative Grammar: Locality

PLIN0066             Intermediate Phonology


Advanced modules (Level 6)

PLIN0018             Issues in Pragmatics

PLIN0019             Semantic-Pragmatic Development

PLIN0021             Phonetic Theory

PLIN0032             Sociolinguistics

PLIN0033             Psycholinguistics: General Processing

PLIN0035             Psycholinguistics: Stages in Normal Language Development

PLIN0036             Linguistics of Sign Languages

PLIN0038             Neurolinguistics

PLIN0042             Experimental Phonology

PLIN0044             Multilingualism in Cognition

PLIN0063             Readings in Syntax

PLIN0070             Advanced Phonological Theory B