Institute of Nuclear Medicine


Clinical physics

Dr. John Dickson

Currently there are a number of collaborations in Neuroimaging ongoing. Together with Movement Disorder colleagues in Queen Square, there are several projects using Dopamine Transporter imaging with Datscan to explore different elements of Parkinsonian syndromes, and also a pilot project examining the therapeutic effects of Exendin on Parkinson's disease that is coming to a conclusion. The EANM Normal Database (ENCDAT) project is also continuing to produce both clinical and scientific research.

Using FDG-PET there are several projects currently ongoing. In collaboration with Epilepsy neurologists, work is taking place to determine the role and efficacy of FDG-PET in the management of Epilepsy patients. Led by INM, a collaboration of UK PET sites is also starting up to examine the portability of FDG normal databases between different scanner types and ages. Finally using PET/MR there is a project to assess the differences in PET signal when attenuation corrected using CT, DIXON (T1) MR, and a new UTE MR sequence.

A growing area of interest is in the kinetic modeling of PET studies. Developing from our experience and continuing research with quantitative blood flow measurements using Rubidium Cardiac PET, there are also developments in assessing flow independent uptake (Volume of Distribution) in Fluorocholine neuro-oncological PET and kinetic analysis of Fluorocholine uptake in the Prostate.

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