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What to do if your exams don’t go as well as expected

22 November 2022

Sometimes, exam results don't go as planned. UCL Student Support and Wellbeing is here to support you all the way – read on for information on the options available if you find that you’ve failed an exam or assessment.


So, exam results are out! We hope that your results were what you expected. In the event they were not, UCL Student Support and Wellbeing is here to help you talk about how you feel and decide how to move forward. You can make a same-day appointment to speak with an adviser by calling +44 (0)20 7679 0100 between 9am and 10am, or submit an enquiry via askUCL. We will have extra appointments available on results day and shortly thereafter, so you will be able to speak to an adviser easily.

Fellow UCL LLB Law student Valeria Fernandez Soriano shared their perspective and advice on dealing with failure, and believes that it is important to come to terms when exams are not going to plan and provided a few tips on putting failure into perspective. In dealing with failure though, it is important to understand that “failure is part of life and […] it doesn’t make you any less valuable …” and that “we often learn more from our failures than our successes and it can be an invaluable experience.”

If you did not perform as well as you expected, Dr Barry Keane, Deputy Director of Student Support and Wellbeing (Student Psychological and Counselling Services) and Psychodynamic and CBT Therapist, has a few insights into how you can learn from the experience and bounce back from failureDr Keane emphasizes that “what you do next is what really matters.”

Support to help you manage the disappointment and work through your options if you experience a failure is available across UCL, and we’re here for you all the way. This includes advice on reviewing your financial plans if you must repeat, are considering interrupting your studies or transferring courses, or have lost access to a scholarship. The Student Funding team has produced a brief guide with information on the next steps to consider. UCL Careers can also talk to students about their future opportunities, be that further study or how to move into their desired field of work.

Be assured that you are not alone and don’t have to go through failure by yourself! If you would like to discuss your situation further when you receive your results, please submit an enquiry at askUCL.