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Students to ‘tap in’ to register attendance at face-to-face teaching event

23 September 2021

Students must ‘tap in’ with their Student ID card when attending teaching events on campus. Their attendance will be automatically recorded in the RegisterUCL student attendance system.


Card readers have been installed at most teaching spaces across campus and students must ‘tap in’ to lectures, seminars and other teaching events with their student ID card.

How do the card readers work?

Students must tap the card reader each time they enter a lecture, seminar or lab session. They can tap in anytime up to 10 minutes before the end of the class. And if they’re early, they can tap in up to 10 minutes before the class’s start time.

Student Registry Services have developed the following short animation explaining to students how and why they should tap in at face-to-face teaching events. 

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Why record student attendance?

We know that attendance is a good indicator of a student’s engagement. When students stop engaging with their studies, this might suggest poor mental health or other wellbeing concerns. Also, we know that there is a correlation between students’ engagement with their programmes and their overall success.
RegisterUCL, our central student attendance system, will be used to identify students who may be struggling early on. This will help faculties and departments and UCL Student Support and Wellbeing to be proactive in offering support to those whose engagement has fallen and who may be in need.
Through this early intervention, the hope is that more students will be able to continue attending and engaging with their programme and will have greater chances for success.
For teaching staff and academics, the card readers will also make it easier and faster to record attendance, reducing both paper waste and the chance of errors.

Recording attendance at online teaching events

UCL continues to explore solutions for integrating data from our online live teaching platforms (Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, MS Teams) but, at present, this data must be manually entered into RegisterUCL.
Although not always possible, we recommend Faculties continue to input as much attendance as is possible. One of the benefits of bringing everyone onto one central student attendance system is the ability to have data together in one place. Capturing as much data as possible in the RegisterUCL system will help us to be proactive in offering support to those who may be in need.

RegisterUCL staff guidance

Staff can visit the RegisterUCL website for a recap on how to record attendance at the different types of teaching events, or for further guidance and FAQs.