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If you have any questions about RegisterUCL, how to get access to the system or training, please contact the team at registerucl@ucl.ac.uk.

On this page you can find:

Getting started with RegisterUCL

Anyone leading a teaching event will have automatic access to the system. If you are an administrator you will need to request access to RegisterUCL by logging a ticket with the IT Service desk.

You can access RegisterUCL through a web browser on any tablet, smart-phone, laptop or PC. Log into the system with UCL’s single sign on page, with your UCL Username and Password.

Open RegisterUCL


How to use RegisterUCL 


Please take a look at our recorded training sessions available on Mediacentral:

How to collect attendance data from the online teaching platforms

How to use RegisterUCL for Student Visa (Tier 4) reporting

RegisterUCL Users Teams site

Users of RegisterUCL share their tips and support each other on our RegisterUCL Users Teams site. On here you will also find recordings of training sessions.  Please click on the following link to access the site and request access if you're not currently a member.

Request access to RegisterUCL Users Teams site

Communication Templates

These materials have been designed to help you promote RegisterUCL in your department, school or division. Each poster contains a QR code to direct students to our Student Attendance webpage.

Information for students

The UCL Students website provides an introduction to RegisterUCL for students, and includes an animation which explains why UCL records attendance and how students will ‘tap in’ to the record their attendance from next year.

You can embed the animation via UCL Mediacentral and use it in your communication to students.

Frequently asked questions

Card readers

Will the teaching spaces with multiple entrances have additional card readers?

Yes. Large teaching spaces will have multiple card readers, fully accessible, at appropriate places to ensure easy access and to prevent any delays for students entering the space.

What do I do if the card reader in my teaching space isn’t working?

There is no need to report the card reader as faulty. This will be picked up automatically by the Information Services Division.

Some students have multiple, consecutive classes in the same room. Will the students need to tap the card reader for each teaching event?

No, students will only need to tap in once during their first teaching event. Their attendance at subsequent events in the same teaching space will be automatically recorded.

How will we ensure that students are not signing in for someone else? What measures are in place to prevent misuse of the system?

Every system is open to abuse, but our supplier offers reports or tools that will help us detect misuse. We will be able to look at the patterns of tap-ins to detect any unusual behaviour.

We currently record attendance at workshops, practical classes, tutorials but not lectures. Will we have to start recording lectures for completeness of data?

Yes. Once card readers are in place students will be required to record their attendance at all teaching events.

Will card readers be available for offsite locations? (E.g. Royal National Hotel, School of Management).

We are exploring options with our supplier for how we can incorporate card readers into non-UCL teaching spaces.

Do PGR students need to use the card readers?

No, RegisterUCL only captures attendance for timetabled events. The card readers are therefore not relevant for PGR students.

Where can I get further help regarding RegisterUCL?

If you have any questions please email RegisterUCL@ucl.ac.uk. If a student has a question about their individual attendance records please direct them to their local teaching administrator or departmental admin team.


How often is the data in RegisterUCL refreshed?

Routines run once a day, early morning, before the first teaching event of the day, to refresh RegisterUCL with changes made in both Portico and CMIS.

I made a change in Portico yesterday, why has it not appeared in RegisterUCL today?

It can take up to 2 days for changes made in Portico to appear in RegisterUCL. This is due to the number of systems the data must move through and the timing of these transfers of data.

If for example, a student has been newly enrolled on a module, it can take two days for the student to appear on the class list in RegisterUCL. This is because the change needs to flow through from Portico to CMIS first and then on to RegisterUCL.

I made a change in CMIS yesterday why has it not appeared in RegisterUCL today?

The timetable in RegisterUCL is populated and refreshed from CMIS according to the following schedule:

  • Saturday, the entire timetable for the upcoming week is refreshed e.g. week 6
  • Sunday, the entire timetable for the week after is populated e.g. week 7
  • Daily, the entire timetable for the current and next day is refreshed

If for example, a change is made on Monday, for an event occurring on Friday, the earliest this change will be visible in RegisterUCL is Thursday morning.


I made a change in CMIS to last week’s timetable. Why has the change not come through into RegisterUCL?

Changes made to historical timetable in CMIS will not be automatically updated in RegisterUCL.

I can only see events for the next two weeks in RegisterUCL, why is this?

RegisterUCL only holds up to 2 weeks’ worth of advance timetable.

How do I link students to a non-modular event?

Use the class group functionality in CMIS to link students to non-modular events. Contact your Timetabling Partner if you need any assistance with this.

Why aren’t some of my events appearing in RegisterUCL?

The most common reason why events don’t appear in RegisterUCL is that there are no students linked to the event. For events to appear in RegisterUCL, at least one student must be linked to the event. Students can be linked to an event:

  • By the module they are enrolled to study;
  • By the module group that has been linked to an event;
  • By the class group that has been linked to an event

If either a module group or class group has been linked to an event in CMIS, ensure that students have been allocated to the group.

How quickly after a teaching event should the attendance be input in RegisterUCL?

Within one week

Why isn’t data being captured from Moodle

It is not possible to get attendance data from Moodle aligned with the timetable.