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Find out how attendance is recorded in RegisterUCL and which teaching spaces are fitted with card readers.

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 Attendance refers to all timetabled teaching events delivered online or face-to-face.

Recording student attendance in RegisterUCL

Face-to-face teaching on campus in spaces that have card readers installed

Students must ‘tap in’ with their Student ID card each time they attend a face-to-face teaching event on campus. Their attendance is then automatically recorded in the system.

Students can tap in from 20 minutes before the start time of a teaching event and no later than 20 minutes before the class ends.

Students must carry their Student ID card whenever they are on campus. If they forget or misplace their card departments are asked to make every effort to correct the student’s record in RegisterUCL, but there is no mandatory requirement for this. For guidance on how to manually correct a student’s attendance record, please look at our guide to recording attendance.

Teaching spaces that do not yet have card readers installed

We are working hard to ensure card readers are in place for Start of Session, but there are likely to be some spaces still in progress at the start of Term 1.

During the transitional phase of RegisterUCL (for Term 1 and 2), there is no requirement to take a manual register at teaching events where there is no card reader installed, providing the minimum requirement for students who hold a visa under the Tier 4/Student Route is met (i.e. departments must ensure there is evidence of at least a weekly attendance point recorded within RegisterUCL).

Take a look at our list of teaching spaces to be fitted with card readers

Online teaching events

Collecting attendance data from the online teaching platforms to be input into RegisterUCL

We recommend that attendance from online teaching events is manually entered into RegisterUCL within a week of the event. This is to ensure we have the most accurate picture of a student’s attendance record. However, we are not setting this as a requirement and appreciate that this may not always be possible.

You can either do this during the teaching event or download the attendance log and enter it into RegisterUCL after the event. This may be advisable for large classes or if you/your teaching colleagues are running short of time during the class.

Please note: only the meeting organiser will have access to the attendance list in the online teaching platforms. For Microsoft Teams, this list will only be available to download during the meeting and for Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate, it will only be available to download after the meeting has ended.

Please look at our guidance for how to collect attendance data from the online teaching platforms:   

Hybrid teaching

Students that are attending face-to-face teaching events must ‘tap in’. Their attendance will be captured in RegisterUCL automatically.  For any students that are simultaneously joining the same session via an online live teaching platform (Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate MS Teams) their attendance log will need to be downloaded from the platform and manually entered into RegisterUCL. Please look at our guidance for how to collect attendance data from the online teaching platforms. We encourage Faculties to manually input attendance data into RegisterUCL to ensure we have the most accurate picture of a student’s attendance record. However, we are not setting this as a requirement and appreciate that this may not always be possible.

Considerations for students who cannot physically attend

Considerations will vary according to the individual. Attendance recommendations may be specified in a student’s SORA (issued by Student Support and Wellbeing) or reflecting their particular circumstances.  Tier 4 students are expected to physically attend classes, but of course individual circumstances and recommendations in a student’s SORA can be reviewed.

Agreed Absence

When a student fails to tap in with their student ID card they will automatically be marked as absent in RegisterUCL.  If a student is unable to attend a teaching event they must inform their department administrator who can then change this status in the system from an ‘unexplained’ absence to an ‘agreed’ absence.  An agreed absence will not negatively affect a student’s attendance record.

This process replaces the previous Authorised Absence Form that was required by the Student Immigration Compliance Team.


Tier 4 reporting

You no longer need to enter additional information into Portico for Tier 4 students (with the exception of PGR students). Attendance for all students is captured centrally using RegisterUCL. Student Registry Services must be informed if a student is not engaging with their studies. Your relevant departmental administrator should refer Tier 4 non-engagement cases to the Student Immigration Compliance Team at visacompliance.staffquery@ucl.ac.uk.

Please note that PGR student data cannot be captured in RegisterUCL as it is not timetabled. Therefore, you should continue to capture attendance records for PGR students in the same way as you did previously. The Portico Engagement Monitoring Task is available for you to record confirmation of PGR student engagement. Should you have any concerns about one of your student's engagement, you should email the Student Immigration Compliance Team. More information and guidance is available on our student visa engagement monitoring webpage. 

Teaching spaces fitted with card readers

Eventually all UCL teaching spaces will be fitted with card readers. For now, we are only installing them in rooms currently used for teaching. The card readers are being fitted in readiness for our students’ wider return to campus. A list of buildings currently being fitted with card readers can be found below. Please also take a look at our detailed list of teaching spaces to be fitted with card readers.

  • IOE - Bedford Way (20)
  • Bentham House
  • Taviton Street 14-16
  • Torrington Place (1-19)
  • South Quad Pop Up Learning Hub
  • School of Pharmacy
  • UCL GOSICH - 30 Guilford Street
  • ICH - Main Building 30 Guildford Street
  • Wilkins Building
  • Rockefeller Building
  • Gordon St (22)
  • Gordon Square (49-51)
  • Archaeology 209
  • Drayton House
  • Christopher Ingold Building
  • Cruciform Building
  • Euston Road (222)
  • Student Central
  • Chandler House
  • South Wing
  • Alexandra House
  • Royal Free Hospital
  • Institute of Ophthalmology Cayton St (17-25)
  • Gordon Square (21)
  • UCL GOSICH - Wolfson Centre
  • ICH - Wolfson Centre Room H (1st Floor)
  • Gordon House
  • Medical Sciences and Anatomy
  • Anatomy B16A
  • Medical Sciences 131 A V Hill LT
  • Chenies Mews (86-98)
  • Inst Neurology - Queen Square (33)
  • Malet Place (1-4)
  • Roberts Building
  • Gordon Square (26)
  • Physics Building
  • IOE - Endsleigh Gardens (9-11)
  • Tottenham Court Road (188)
  • Medawar Building
  • Gower Street (66-72)
  • Ear Institute - Wicklow Street 75
  • Gordon Street (25)
  • Rayne Institute 210
  • Gordon Square (23)
  • Main Quad Pop Up
  • Foster Court
  • Kathleen Lonsdale Building
  • Chadwick Building
  • Engineering Front Building
  • DMS Watson Building
  • Inst Neurology - Queen Square (7)
  • Tottenham Court Road (170)

For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our RegisterUCL support page