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Dedicated and specialist support for UCL staff on bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct

16 May 2019

As part of the broader work that UCL is undertaking to address and prevent unacceptable behaviour within our community, additional specialist support has been introduced for students and staff.

Signposts to support and guidance

This is to ensure that students and staff affected by unacceptable behaviour have access to internal or external specialist support, and as part of the broader commitment to ensuring UCL is a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

Dedicated support telephone lines for staff and students 

UCL staff and students can access confidential emotional support, advice, and information through UCL's 24/7 Student Support Line for students, and Employee Assistance Programme: Staff Support Service for staff. 

Rape Crisis Outreach Worker

A Rape Crisis Worker is available to see email staff and students affected by sexual misconduct for confidential one-to-one appoints in person or via phone. The Outreach Worker can assist with discussing the impact of the incident; options and process reporting to the police; signpost or refer to therapeutic support. For staff appointments please contact reportandsupport@ucl.ac.uk and note ‘appointment with Rape Crisis Outreach Worker’.

Students can access this support by emailing student.wellbeing@ucl.ac.uk or calling +44 (0) 20 7679 0100.

Please note that Rape Crisis’s expertise means that they only work with women. We are working with Survivors UK who are experts in supporting men and we will announce the same type of support for male students and staff as soon as this contract is finalised.

Dignity Advisors

UCL has recruited and trained New Dignity Advisors who can offer students and staff confidential and informal advice for those affected by bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct. The advisors are a voluntary role with UCL but have received training and continued support and development .

Staff and students may contact an advisor via Report + Support, or through the UCL website.

To find out more about the work UCL is undertaking to address unacceptable behaviour, please visit Report + Support, and take action through the Full Stop campaign.