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UCL Occupational Health Service: adapting to change

6 November 2012

Whether it is changes in the workplace or a disruption in the family, learning to adapt can happen more quickly with resilience - the ability to bounce back after a major event.

We all have the capacity to adjust, but people with higher resilience are less likely to experience depression and more likely to learn from experience. Resilience is a trait which can be developed.

Your Employee Assistance Programme is on hand to support you with information, tips, practical support and counselling to help you work through change, deal with any stress you may be feeling, and build resilience for the future.

Call or visit the EAP online to get answers to your questions about change and resilience.

Freephone: 0800 243 458


Website: http://www.workplaceoptions.co.uk (Username: UCL Password: EMPLOYEE)

Outside the UK: +44 (0) 20 8987 6550

Mnicom: 020 8987 6574

Or visit the website (Username: UCL, Password: EMPLOYEE) to register for this month's webinar - effectively dealing with a changing workplace - to be held on 21 November at 12pm GMT, where you can learn strategies to help you manage and use change to achieve positive outcomes

Your Employee Assistance Programme is a free, confidential and independent resource to help you balance your work, family and personal life.

Available anytime, any day, by phone, email or online the service provides information, resources, referrals and counselling on any issue that matters to you.

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Angela Graneek, Head of Occupational Health Services, Human Resources Division