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Work Health

Resilience and High Performance

Pressure is a fact of life and can be a positive force, motivating you into action and providing energy. But, as we have seen in Managing Pressure, sustained pressure without the opportunity to recover can lead to stress. In order to ensure that you have the opportunity to recover you need to have balance in your life.

Positive Mental Health

Having a positive mental state is a good buffer to feelings of stress. Things that can help are:

You can check your resilience by completing this 195 item online questionnaire. Resilient people are more able to sustain successful performance and positive wellbeing in the face adverse situations and are better equipped to adjust to change and recover from misfortune. The questionnaire and your answers are confidential to you and once you have completed the questionnaire you will be sent your own unique password to access your report.

Maladaptive Coping

If you feel that you are under excessive pressure on a regular basis, you may smoke, drink or over eat as a way to help lessen the discomfort of feeling stressed. However, this will just provide temporary relief and in the long term can make things worse: