Department of Renal Medicine




Principal Investigator: Professor Robert Unwin, Dr Joanne Marks, Dr Anselm Zdebik

  1. Renal micropuncture techniques
  2. In vivo and isolated gut loop (transport) techniques
  3. Brush border membrane vesicle uptake technique
  4. Electrophysiology: twin electrode voltage clamp (TEVC), ion-selective microelectrodes, TEVC combined with pH in oocytes, calcium and pH imaging in mammalian cells
  5. Extracellular recording of neuronal activity
  6. 2-photon (calcium) imaging
  7. Expression profiling, surface expression, proteomics

Lipid Group

Principal Investigator: Dr Xiong-Zhong Ruan

  1. Lipid biochemistry, cellular cholesterol and fatty acid assay, LDL purification
  2. Molecular biology
  3. Cell biology: renal and vascular cell culture
  4. Molecular imaging: confocal microscopy
  5. Animal models of dyslipidaemia and inflammation

Proteomics & Molecular Cell Dynamics Group

Principal Investigator: Professor Jasminka Godovac-Zimmermann

  1. Molecular and cell biology
  2. Protein chemistry, HPLC fractionation and 2 D gel electrophoresis
  3. Immunofluorescence and confocal microscopy analysis
  4. MALDI and ESI Mass Spectrometry, mass fingerprinting
  5. Quantitative shotgun global proteomics LC-MS/MS proteomics profiling
  6. Organelle separation and subcellular proteomics
  7. SILAC and label-free proteomics profiling
  8. Proteomics bioinformatics and protein association analysis