Department of Renal Medicine



February 2022

Professor James Malone-Lee

Emeritus Professor, Department of Renal Medicine

Photo of Professor James Malone-Lee

We are very sad to announce that Professor James Malone-Lee has passed away after a short illness. The disease process evolved rapidly but at the end he died peacefully surrounded by those that loved him.

Prof. Malone-Lee began studying the pharmacology, biomechanics and physiology of urinary incontinence and chronic urinary tract infection(UTI) nearly 40 years ago at UCL. He trained and mentored a number of clinicians and scientists, who continue his legacy in the UCL Department of Renal Medicine, Bladder Infection and Immunity Group and the Centre for Urological Biology, as well as elsewhere. He treated many patients with chronic UTI, advocated for them and challenged the current understanding of UTI and the diagnostic tests used to detect and define urinary disease. He shaped the discourse surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of UTI for years to come and built up a strong and loyal patient following. He established NHS and private lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) clinics, which continue his work today. James Malone-Lee will remain an inspiration to many physicians, scientists and in particular to many patients.

Photo of Tayeba Roper



February 2022

Dr Tayeba Roper

Tayeba Roper joins the department as a PhD student under the supervsion of Professor Alan Salama


Photo of Reza Motallebzadeh

Photo of Prof Daniel Gale

January 2022

Mr Reza Motallebzadeh

Congratulations to Mr Reza Motallebzadeh who has been appointed as lead for the UCL MBPhD programme.

Reza takes over the role from Professor Áine Burns (consultant nephrologist and director of postgraduate medical education at the Royal Free Hospital) who successfully led the MBPhD programme for over 4 years.

Professor Daniel Gale

Professor Gale's joint bid for an Alport Hub (based at Manchester and joint with UCL/Edinburgh) has been funded. See here for further details.

In December 2021, the International Alport Workshop presented Professor Daniel Gale with the Cecil Alport Award for work on the UK Alport Registry.

Photo of Natasha Liou

May 2021

Natasha Liou

Natasha joins the Department of Renal Medicine as a PhD student with the Bladder Infection and Immunity Group (BIIG) led by Harry Horsley and Rajvinder Khasriya. Her first taste of research was in 2015 when she studied the differences in urinary sampling methods in pregnancy as an MSc student at UCL. Since then, she's been hooked! Natasha comes back six years later, now also an O&G doctor, to continue research on urine and urine infections in pregnancy with BIIG. She will be focusing on developing an image-based machine learning platform to automate and enhance urinalysis for the diagnosis of UTI.


Photo of Ben Wan in the lab

April 2021

Dr Beth Wan

Congratulations to Beth Wan who has been awarded a Clinical Research Training Fellowship, funded by Kidney Research UK over 3 years.

New starters 2021

Photo of Al Al-Rashed


Ali Al-Rashed

PhD student

Supervisor: Dr Ben Caplin

Photo of Carmen Cusack


Carmen Cusack

PhD Student

Supervisor: Dr Riko Klootwijk

Photo of Carlos Flores


Dr Carlos Flores

Dr Jennifer Rohn's Group