Microstructure of the car.


Dr Adam Wojcik from the Department of Mechanical Engineering examined the microstructure of the car with his microscope, and this is what he saw and said.

Car examined under microscope


Libby Sheldon from the Department of Art History took the car to her department to examine it under a powerful microscope.

1/50 scaled up- now we need a stand in


Now that the real car has been scaled up to be 2.1 metres wide and 5.25 metres long we need to have a scaled up consumer of the car that stands in for the boy. I propose King Kong!

Scale in Alice in Wonderland


In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, a children's book by Lewis Carroll, Alice finds a key sitting on a glass table.

Miniature Worlds 1 - Scale Models


A selection of websites which document various miniature worlds, including works by artists, scale models, video works and dolls houses.

Toy vehicles


My list of toy cars;

A blue Bentley whose front wheels steared when pressure was applied to the bumper above them.

Scale 1/50.


The scale of the toy car is 1/50. It measures 42mm wide and 105mm long. This means the real car would be 2.1 metres wide and 5.25 metres long.

Scale drawing of the toy car


A scan of a 1:1 scale drawing of the object, showing plan view and side elevations.

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