Toy vehicles


My list of toy cars;

A blue Bentley whose front wheels steared when pressure was applied to the bumper above them.

A red Jaguar XK 140 with black seats and suspension on all four wheels.

A really old red van with rear doors that opened.

A large model of a David Brown tractor. This was a scale model with lots of details that was produced by the manufacturer for display by tractor distributors. I've no idea how I came to have it.

A plastic, electrically powered scale model of an Austin A40.

A variety of 'Matchbox' models, rather small and easily lost, including a green delivery van, a yellow racing car and an ambulance.

A red Ferrari racing car.

A 'Dinky Toy' model of a Ford Consul with rubber tyres that my brother kept removing.

A red Massey Fergason tractor with hydraulic linkages on the back that could be moved up and down with a little silver handle.

My friend and I used to play with all these things on a bank in the garden, digging into the soil to create 'roadways' down which we could send the vehicles. The idea was to see how steep and curved we could make the tracks without the toys tipping up or coming off the 'tracks' as they went down. The skill was in creating the right degree of camber in the 'road'.