UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics


Vacuum Bakeout

MSSL have comprehensive thermal vacuum and cryogenic vacuum facilites used for qualification and acceptance testing of flight hardware.

The MSSL vacuum bakeout facility is a stainless steel construction chamber with oil free vacuum pumping systems. The bake out chamber has both radiative and conductive heating elements to ensure even heating of hardware in the vacuum volume.


Dimensions: 390 mm (Dia) x 750mm (H)

Max temperature: 150°C

Base Vacuum pressure: 5 x 10-7 mBar

Temperature control accuracy: ± 2°C

# of temperature sensors: 4 chamber + 2 shroud

Temperature ramp rate: 0.10 to 5 °C per minute 

Temperature logging: Yes, 8 channel plus vacuum pressure

Turbo pump: Seiko Seiki STP400 MagLev

Backing pump: Scroll pump

Vent gas: Zero Grade Nitrogen (0.5 micron filtered)

Outgassing monitoring

RGA: 1 to 200 AMU, MKS Spectra Microvision pl