UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics


Solar Physics Research

The Solar Physics group has grown over recent years, and in turn so have our main research interests. The list below provides an overview to the research interests of our group members.

Permanent Staff

  • Len Culhane – Solar flares, X-ray/EUV spectroscopy.
  • Lucie Green – Coronal mass ejections, coronal magnetic field, flux ropes.
  • David Long – Global waves, eruptions, coronal composition
  • Sarah Matthews – Solar flares, particle acceleration and helioseismology.
  • Hamish Reid – Solar flares, solar radio bursts, energetic particle transport, solar wind
  • Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi – Magnetic fields, active regions, coronal mass ejections


  • Deborah Baker – Coronal composition, spectroscopy
  • David Stansby – Solar wind sources and acceleration, remote/in-situ connections
  • Gherado Valori – Models of the low corona, triggers of flares and coronal mass ejections, magnetic helicity
  • Stephanie Yardley – Active region evolution, energetic particles and eruptions/CMEs

PhD Students

  • Hannah Clear – Auroral instabilities, solar flare instabilities, magnetic reconnection
  • Diego De Pablos Aguero – Small scale solar dynamics, in-situ/remote sensing connection
  • Ryan French – Solar flares, magnetic reconnection, spectroscopy/spectropolarimetry
  • Osnat Katz – History of the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, oral history, and material culture
  • Camille Lorfing – Solar energetic particles, plasma waves, solar wind.
  • Teia Mihăilescu – Active region evolution, coronal composition, coronal mass ejection
  • Jennifer O’Kane – Coronal mass ejections, space weather
  • Andy S.H. To – Coronal composition, solar flares
  • Jinge Zhang – Solar radio bursts, coronal loops