UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics


50mK European Space Agency ADR

This project was undertaken in association with EADS Astrium (Stevenage) under contract to ESA. The project was to construct for the first time an Engineering model 50 mK ADR cooler


20 November 2011

Some of the key requirements were:

  •  Develop and qualify 50 mK ADR cooler.
  •  Base temperature < 30 mK
  • To be able to be pre-cooled by 4 K J-T (Planck cooler)
  • To have high level magnetic shielding to protect spacecraft and X-ray detectors on cold finger

Formal transfer of system to ESA occurred in June 2008.

(System has stayed at MSSL on loan for continued component development)

The system comprises of a double ADR. The figures show a 3 D solid model cut away view and the real assembled cooler without the cold finger magnetic shield.

ESA ADR 3D cut away model

The system works well with a base temperature of 25 mK when operated from a 4 K environment.