UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics

Dr Vincent Van Eylen

Dr Vincent Van Eylen

Associate Professor in Exoplanets

Dept of Space & Climate Physics

Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2019

Research summary

My research focuses on the characterization of exoplanets and their host stars, to learn about planet formation and evolution as well as the architecture of planetary systems. I do so by analyzing space-based photometry to investigate planet transits, characterizing planet host stars through e.g. asteroseismology, and acquiring further sources of data where needed.


I am a Belgian astronomer and Associate Professor in Exoplanets at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory at University College London. Before joining UCL I was a Henry Norris Russell Fellow at Princeton University and a Jan Hendrik Oort Fellow at the Sterrewacht at Leiden University in The Netherlands. I received a PhD in Physics from Aarhus University in Denmark, where I worked at the Stellar Astrophysics Centre, and was a visiting graduate student at MIT.