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Congratulations to Prof. Len Culhane!

5 October 2015

Many congratulations to Prof. Len Culhane, who was recently awarded a Sir Arthur Clark Lifetime Achievement Award by the British Interplanetary Society!


Lucie is currently a Royal Society University Research Fellow working with the Solar Group at Mullard Space Science Laboratory on emergence and evolution of magnetic flux in the solar atmosphere. 

The Sir Arthur Clark Lifetime Achievement award is made for "exceptional achievement in an area of space activity.", and in the citation, it was noted that Prof. Culhane is "a world-class scientist in X-Ray Astronomy and Solar Physics [who] led the development of sophisticated X-Ray and EUV spectrometers involving the UK, Japan, the USA and Norway, thus demonstrating the value of international collaborations."

Prof. Culhane is currently an Emeritus Professor of Physics with the Solar Group and was previously Head of the Mullard Space Science Laboratory. For more details on the award and the British Interplanetary Society.