UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics


Dr. Licia Ray joins the MSSL Space Plasma Physics Group

3 August 2015

We welcome Dr Licia Ray who has recently joined the MSSL Space Plasmas Group as a new postdoctoral researcher.


Licia is moving within UCL, having worked in the Department of Physics and Astronomy on the main campus in central London, part of the time on a prestigious US National Science Foundation International Research Fellowship. Prior to that she has also worked at Imperial College and the Laboratory for Space and Atmopsheric Physics (LASP) at the University of Colorado in the USA where she studied for her PhD.

Licia's research interests are in magnetosphere-ionosphere (-thermosphere)  coupling in the Solar System, and she has studied the processes at Jupiter and Saturn using numerical modelling and data analysis. At MSSL Licia will apply her skills to study magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling at Earth, and help us to exploit the unique Cluster multi-spacecraft observations of the auroral acceleration region.