UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics


Mullard Space Science Laboratory

MSSL is a world-leading space science laboratory. Based in the Surrey Hills near Dorking, MSSL has been developing cutting-edge space research and space technology for over 50 years. Our research covers all aspects of space research, from understanding the Sun and its interaction with the planets, to understanding galaxies and the matter that makes up the universe. We build and operate cutting edge space hardware for multinational space missions. We also offer state-of-the-art test facilities for ground and space-based technology.
Artist's impression of the JUICE meeting. Credit: ESA


Our world-leading research groups investigate physical processes in the solar system and the wider Universe, as well as developing new technologies for the next generation of space missions.

students of the department stand on a martian landscape testing facility


The Department offers a range of post-graduate taught course based on our space and technology research. We also offer research degrees and short courses for continuous professional development.

Anna Nash works on Pan Cam in the clean room

Space Engineering

MSSL designs and builds cutting-edge technology to study space, including hardware that has visited comets, Venus, Mars and Saturn as well as instruments on advanced space telescopes.



News from UCL MSSL 

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