UCL Institute of Mental Health


Special Interest Group in Psychological Trauma

Our Aims

The group is led by Dr Michael Bloomfield and Dr Jo Billings.

The IoMH Special Interest Group (SIG) in Psychological Trauma is an interdisciplinary group of UCL researchers and clinicians from our partner NHS Trusts. We aim to foster collaborative work in psychological trauma by encouraging joined-up thinking and interdisciplinary approaches and providing opportunities for collaboration between academics, clinicians and other practitioners.

We have a wealth of academic expertise in trauma research spread across UCL's divisions and departments. Our NHS partner trusts provide vital services to those affected by psychological trauma. Initiatives like the COVID Trauma response working group established early on during the COVID outbreak provided critical evidence-based information to support the mental health of health workers. Furthermore, initiatives such as the UK Trauma Council, hosted by the Anna Freud Centre, create evidence-based resources to improve professionals' and carers' understanding of the nature and impact of trauma in children. 

 We want to build on our strengths, maximise opportunities for collaboration, and ensure that we are more than the sum of our parts.

 Our current objectives are:

  • To enhance opportunities for collaboration between UCL researchers and clinicians in the partner NHS trusts. 
  • To raise the visibility of trauma research at UCL and highlight its distinctiveness.
  • To develop a UCL-wide 'Trauma strategy.'

The Group held its launch event on the 28th  of June 2022. A recording of the event can be viewed below. A blog post by Ava Mason (PhD student at the UCL Division of Psychiatry) summarises the highlights of the meeting. 

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