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'BAME' Attainment Gap project

The 'BAME' Attainment Project refers to UCL’s efforts to reduce the current gap in academic achievement at undergraduate level between white and black, asian and minority ethnic students.

BME Attainment Gap project
Use of the term 'BAME'​​​​​​

We are using the term 'BAME' as this reflects how we collect data  – but we acknowledge the limitations of this term and expect our approach will continue to evolve.

Addessing the disparity
UCL is working to address the disparity in attainment between black, asian and minority ethnic and white students at undergraduate level. To learn more about the actions that the University as a whole is taking, please visit the 'BAME' Awarding Gap Project.

The Division of Medicine is very pleased to announce that analysis of the Faculty-wide data has shown that in recent years our undergraduate students achieved equally well, no matter their ethnicity.

The lead for the Faculty of Medical Sciences and first point of contact for any concerns and questions you may have relating to our work is Dr Alvena Kureshi. The Division supports her through Dr Nephtali Marina-Gonzalez. Nephtali is coordinating with Alvena and Dr Nnenna Kanu of the Cancer Institute. They regularly meet to discuss initiatives and gather resources for the Faculty, including the new Inspire Seminar Series and special events.

If you are interested in participating in these activities, please reach out to Nephtali. We invite any and all ideas on how to improve the experience of our BAME staff across the division and will do our best to support initiatives. We would particularly welcome students and staff who identify as BAME to help inform our activities and thinking.


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